Blue-orange memory wire beaded bracelet with vintage and contemporary natural stone beads with elephants charms. 4 loops. Agates, turquoise, metal.

Elephants In The Desert is a rich with stones handmade bracelet, inspired by Persian legends. it combines contemporary beads with the vintage ones. This European nuggets are circa 1970-s. These beads vary in colours from grey to beige and deep orange. The bracelet made in orange-brown-blue gamma and is completed with two bronze plated charms in a shape of Indian elephant.

Height is apprx. 1.3 inches. The bracelet is relatively heavy due to the quantity of stones used.

  • Various sizes of vintage nuggets and round beads
  • 12mm orange natural stone beads
  • 10mm agate and turquoise beads
  • 8mm turquoise chip beads
  • 10mm gold plated bead caps

100% handmade jewellery