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Jewelry by Palm Seed

Palm Seed handcrafts jewelry, inspired by ethnography, history and nature

Venice has always been and still is famous for its glass production. The glass-making process was a strictly guarded secret since the Middle Ages., and those who wished to disclose this secret faced public death penalty. The stunning designs like Fried Egg, Millefiori, Wedding Cake, Chevron are used for centuries. They are so bright and beautiful that local masters repeat these designs in many countries and in some variations. The most valuable beads are those that were produced in paste centuries in Venice and traded in Africa.

Enjoy our collection of jewelry, handcrafted of the famous Venetian Murano glass beads — contemporary, vintage and antique ones.

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О вечно пьяном поэте, Павлиньем троне, королях, поросятах, жемчуге и изумрудах

Bead story № 3 בס״ד Когда-то давным-давно правители Басры, Багдада, Самарканда, Герата имели любопытную и жестокую привычку награждать поэтов, чьи стихи запали правителю в душу, очень своеобразным способом: поэт должен  …​

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